Intermediate (4-6)

Fostering Critical Thinking

Intermediate Children
The Intermediate Department at Berkeley Hall (grades 4 – 6), is when students are encouraged to develop their own points of view through evaluating, analyzing, and synthesizing what at times may be disparate ideas, information, and facts. Teachers and students here engage in Socratic discussions and regular reflective assessment of their own, and others’, work. Berkeley Hall students learn to use rubrics (sometimes student-created) to measure their progress against learning goals … and to identify and implement corrective courses of action, if necessary.

And learning at Berkeley Hall extends far beyond the classroom. Fifth- and sixth-grade students participate in our renowned “outdoor education” program, which entails extensive multi-day experiential learning trips to places such as Catalina Island, Shalom Camp, and the Nature Bridge program, as well as day-long field trips to the Santa Barbara mission, the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, Riley's Farm, the Getty Museum, the Lincoln Shrine Museum, Skirball Center, Disney Concert Hall, the Griffith Park Observatory, and many more exciting destinations.
Located in Los Angeles, CA, Berkeley Hall School is a private, coeducational school for students in preschool through grade 8. Rigorous academics in a supportive atmosphere and grounded character development allow students to become fearless scholars and conscientious citizens - gain a love of learning, leadership with social responsibility, creativity with moral integrity, and self-esteem with compassion for others and the environment.