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The special traditions at Berkeley Hall bring our community together and make us all feel like family. It's the traditions that have grown over the last 100 plus years that make us feel like we're a part of something bigger, something deeper, something that matters. Each year, four all-school events bring our whole community together, build lasting bonds among parents and students, and strengthen the foundations of our Berkeley Hall family: the Bobcat Family Camp Out, the Gala, the Variety Show, and the Bobcat Family Picnic.

Volunteering is a way of life at Berkeley Hall. Parents get deeply involved with the school and with each other. Many times Berkeley Hall is described as an extension of family. Each of the four departments also has unique traditions which are age-appropriate and give the children something to look forward to as they grow through the years. Our special events and traditions help build and maintain a very strong sense of community for both students and parents.

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Sugar Plum Tree

The Sugar Plum tree has been a Berkeley Hall tradition since 1939. Each year, a tree (generally harvested from our campus) is decorated with "plums" (small colorful sacks full of gifts) for the Primary students. Parents get together the night before the Sugar Plum Program to make the plums and decorate the tree. And Friday morning, when children see the lit and decorated tree for the first time? Magic! Your child's eyes filled with wonder and joy. There's nothing like it. Merry Christmas. Happy holidays.
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