Amazing Comeback Caps Off Amazing Season

 "...this is the moment, tonight is the night, we’ll fight till it’s over so we put our hands up like the ceiling can’t hold us!" (Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, "Can't Hold Us").

This has been a great season, an absolute favorite. These girls (Sophia E., Talia E., Kiona F., Caitlyn M., Ingrid T.-J., Allie U., and Eunice V.) have proven how much a team can grow and excel. They worked their tails off this season, coming to practice during study halls and Muncho in addition to after school practices. They even had homework because they had to learn the four versions of each of their six rotations. No matter how they finished the Championship Game, they were successful individually and as a team. And yet, how cool would it be to finish on a high note? They had to use every lesson they learned this season to earn this game point by point.

The JH Girl's v-2 Volleyball Championship Game was at Viewpoint against a familiar team: Wesley, the only team we lost to this season. Our girls started the game nervous and a bit tight but settled into a close win in the first set. But the second set, Wesley let their hitter run wild on our defense, beating us solidly in the second set. The third tie-breaker set began with our two strongest servers, a seemingly strong start to this final set. But we immediately lost the serves and got down to a score of 2-11 with no timeouts left. You would think there would be no coming back from a score like that in the third set.

All season, we talked about how our greatest asset was that we had a unique expression of what it means to be a team. Each player strove to be a player that her teammates could trust. They worked on bringing out the “Yass Queen” (amazing play-maker) and “Dirty Street Fighter” (clever play-maker) in each other and celebrating those moments. They learned how to pick each other up after a tough moment and move forward together, leaving no one behind. Their willingness to work hard for a sport they love with teammates they care about is what their unique expression of team is all about and no other team could take that expression away from them.
Allie U. comes up next to serve. We win that point. Another serve, a long rally and another point. We lose the ball after she serves six into long rallies leaving the score 12-8. We quickly sideout. Tali E. steps up. She serves four, and we earn us points out of more long rallies with killer setting by Kiona F., direct hits from Ingrid T.-J., deep digs by Allie U., a dirty street fighter tip from Caitlyn M., and amazing blocks from Eunice V. Wesley calls a time out with the score 12-12. Bobcats are PUMPED! Tali gets back out there and clears 2 more serves before we lose the rally on a hard cross from Wesley’s hitter, leaving the score 14-13. Wesley steps up to serve, Bobcats are deep in ready stance to stop that ball, and she serves the ball out of bounds for a BHS Championship, winning the tiebreaker 15-13. Our team erupts in jumping and tears, even including Sophia E. who had to watch from the bench due to injury, hopping up and down on her good foot!

At the moment of what would seem like a guaranteed loss, these girls woke up, let every ounce of their talent spill out all over that court, and proved what their brand of teamwork can achieve. From losing our first game of the season to Wesley in three sets, to playing them in the Championship, playing out three sets, and coming back from being down 2-11, this was truly an amazing comeback to a truly amazing season with a truly amazing group of girls.

"I got the eye of the tiger, a fighter, dancing through the fire, ‘cause I am a champion, and you're gonna hear me roar!” (Katy Perry, “Roar”)

Congratulations Girl’s Varsity!
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