LA Mayor Gives Shout-out to BHS Student

In the middle of his speech, Mayor Garcetti gave a shout-out to our very own 7th grader, Evelyn! Here's why. Evelyn started a mask business for the summer. Mom Sabrina says, "It has been a fantastic learning experience for her and kept her very busy all summer. She has sold over 650 masks (and made even more!) through her Etsy shop. As part of this project she decided to write political figures (Kamala Harris, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, AOC, the Obamas, Newsom, and Garcetti) and gift them her California and Democratic masks. Her letters included talking about things that were important to her including homelessness in our country/city, women’s rights, BLM, etc. SO the mayor’s response in the video was the first she has gotten. Garcetti then wore the mask at the opening of a homeless shelter which was so awesome. Evelyn is donating some of her profits to a local homeless shelter where she has volunteered that helps homeless families in the San Fernando Valley. Check out the video and picture by clicking the headline.
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