BHS Difference Maker Treats Kids to Movie

Berkeley Hall sixth grader Jai heard on NPR how underprivileged kids were being treated to see Marvel’s new action/adventure movie, Black Panther. He sold some of his DCR crypto currency and hosted more than a dozen of Charmaney Bayton’s kids (along with adults) to see the movie.
Ms. Bayton lives in South Central Los Angeles and has spent decades adopting, fostering, and educating hundreds of children of all ages. She has made a huge difference in the lives of children who would have faced an uncertain future.
Jai first heard of Charmaney’s work with underprivileged children last fall (Berkeley Hall employees contribute to Charmaney's kids at the holidays), and he used his own finances to provide a lovely dinner (eight turkeys, two hams, and other food) for Charmaney’s Thanksgiving feast for her neighborhood, feeding over sixty people. Jai said he just wanted to give the kids a chance to see real hope, both with the dinner and with the movie. Jai has already been a youth activist for all kinds of charities, and the list keeps growing. He is truly a BHS Difference Maker. A great big thank you goes to our kind and generous Bobcat! Jai, you make us very proud.
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