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  • Transition Students from Summertime to School

    School is right around the corner and students of all ages are getting ready to transition from all kinds of summer fun, back into the classroom. Berkeley Hall is very excited to be welcoming ALL students back to school IN PERSON! Thanks to our expansive 66-acre campus with plenty of outdoor areas, spacious classrooms, and small class sizes, we are able to keep students spread out and circulate plenty of fresh air. No matter how students across the country return to school this year (in person or online) there are a number of ways to help them transition from home-life to school. 

    Start Implementing a Schedule 

    Regardless of your students’ age, it’s important to introduce a schedule that is similar to what their life will be like once they’re back in school. If they haven’t been on a schedule already (we’re especially looking at you, teenagers), start helping them go to bed at a reasonable time so they can get up at the time they will for school. This will make the transition be more gentle when the time comes to go back to school. 

    Practice School Routine 

    Helping students practice certain routines that will help the school transition go more smoothly can be a major game-changer. If your students do not have a uniform, encourage them to pick and set out their clothes the night before. When students wake up in the morning, they can practice getting dressed, eating, and getting school materials together right away. If it helps, do a family outing every morning to practice getting out of the house and into the car by a certain time. 

    Buy and Organize Supplies 

    Aside from going out to buy all of the school supplies for your students, it’s also important to make sure that they’re all organized so that students know what they have for each of their classes. Teachers should provide this list prior to school. In addition, if your students wear uniforms, be sure to check their school and P.E. uniforms to make sure they still fit! Write their name on all uniform or clothing items that they can shed (jackets, sweaters, hoodies, etc). Don’t forget to also check that their backpack fits and is in good condition. 

    Check Summer Assignments

    Not all students will have summer assignments or reading lists, but many of them do! Be sure to check their school assignments and summer reading now to make sure that they’re all complete and ready to be submitted in the first week of school. 

    Fill Out All the Forms 

    Many schools have forms to fill out prior to the first day of school (ours can be found in the BHS portal). Be sure to find out which forms apply to your student, and fill them out prior to the start of school. This way, you will have less to worry about once things are in full swing. If your child is doing extended care either before or after school, be sure to sign them up for it!

    Read the Handbook 

    Review the Parent-Student Handbook for the tech policy, dress code, and other requirements. It’s helpful for students to remember the rules they will need to follow once they’re back in school.  

    Encourage Students to Do Academic Work 

    If students haven’t been reading during the summer, encourage them to start now! It’s never too late to help them sharpen up in preparation for classes. There are plenty of academic resources available online for your students to practice their skills before going back to school. 

    All of these tips are helpful for preparing students to go back to school, but the most important thing is to help them get excited about it! Make sure you talk about the first day of school in a positive way, and remind them of all the fun things they have to look forward to. We can’t wait to see all of our Bobcats in just two weeks! 
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