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  • Ocelot - Luna K. (6th)

    Endangered Species Art Contest

    These artworks are headed to Washington, D.C. for the annual Endangered Species art contest. The contest is sponsored by the US Department of Fish and Game and a broad coalition of decision makers from around the country. Middle school students in the art elective chose an animal or plant to illustrate from the government's official endangered or threatened list. It was staggering to discover 1800 names on the list! Our BHS entries will join several thousand artworks from students around the country who are also passionate about saving these important members of the US environment. The judging will take place in March and April by famous wildlife artists who make their living highlighting the natural world.
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  • Hey now, you're an ALL-STAR!

    Boys' and Girls' PE classes explore rhythm and body movement through dance!  Students learn group dances such as the Cha Cha Slide and Cupid Shuffle, learn about choreography through Just Dance routines, and work together to create their own choreography for their group. This year, groups are choreographing to All Star by Smashmouth.  The students incorporated group moves, solos, and lots of props (think jump ropes and basketballs) to make their performance as exciting as possible!
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  • Challenge 8 Plan

    Robotics Elective: Challenges 6 & 8

    In Robotics class, students are given different challenges and asked to program their robots to complete the challenges.

    Challenge 6: In order to complete their code, students needed to plan out the sequencing of the instructions, and know when certain things need to happen. Our new whiteboard tables shine (pardon the pun) here at helping the students plan things out.

    Challenge 8: Students are required to create a game for the robot to play autonomously. They have to create a "gameboard" first by drafting one using our new whiteboard tables.
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  • Betsy Brown Braun Talk

    The Berkeley Hall Parent Association brought parenting expert Betsy Brown Braun to campus to address a large group of BHS families and outside community members on Wednesday, February 27. In this highly informative talk, Ms. Brown Braun discussed tools to help parents cultivate resilient children who are able to adjust to the road ahead of them. Ample time was left for parents to ask specific questions and and receive valuable feedback from our guest expert. Though the talk was not recorded, we hope to invite Betsy Brown Braun back to BHS in the fall.
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  • Black History Month Celebration

    BHS learned about Black History Month at the beginning of February in a special assembly. We also had a Black History Month celebration afterschool for all to enjoy. There was traditional African music, dance, and food. In addition, students enjoyed a face painting station, hair braiding station, playing with drums, and dancing with the performers. A big thank you to all our parent volunteers for your hard work! 
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  • 5th Grade History Presentation

    Fifth graders, imagining they were part of a US colony, created iBooks that were intended to convince other settlers to move to their assigned colony. They worked individually on iPads with small groups, using Google Classroom to draft and communicate with each other. They then used iBooks Author to create their persuasive brochures. Parents joined them in their classroom on Thursday to read the brochures and celebrate their accomplishments.
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  • 8th Grade Ski/Snowboard Trip

    The 8th Grade Class had the fun opportunity to travel to Mountain High Ski Resort for the day to enjoy the snow. With lots of new skiers and snowboarders in the group, many took lessons to be prepared for their very first run down a mountain, while others jumped in head first, figuring it out as they went. The experienced snowriders got on the mountain early with Coach Myers, shredding their way down for 10+ runs over the course of the day. In the afternoon, the new ski school graduates joined their friends for some group runs down the mountain, everyone sharing tips about how to get down safely and how to use the ski lifts. It was such a blast to see everyone working together to learn new skills in a snowy environment, uncommon to these students. By the end of the day, all had earned their pizza dinner, which was enjoyed on the way home, and all arrived back at BHS smiling.
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  • 7th Grade Masters Algebra with Mobiles

    Algebra is introduced in the primary grades at BHS, so by the time students reach 7th grade they are ready to become master equation solvers. One way they practice and demonstrate their mastery is on a fun, learning website called, "SolveMe Mobiles." Students are presented with increasingly challenging mobiles, which require them to determine the values of multiple variables to balance the mobiles, just as they balance algebra equations. In the past few weeks, students have graduated to the highest level of mobiles, and each week different students present their reasoning to the class in solving mobiles that are displayed on the SMART Board. See if you can solve the mobile pictured here (click on "Play", and then the Master tab and select mobile #130). Oh, and if you can't solve it, ask a 7th grader, because they've already mastered it!
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  • Author/Illustrator Writes Back!

    “Bob Graham wrote us a letter!” Ms. Matheny told the second grade class. Very excited, students listened intently to the letter addressed to them from the author and illustrator of A Bus Called Heaven, a book they read last fall. Students composed letters to Mr. Graham as an exercise in writing a personal note and in the hopes that he would write back.
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  • Difference Makers Series

    Last year’s Early Kindergarten students learned that balloons are one of the top 3 polluters of our oceans. In an effort to save our oceans, they each signed a pledge with their parents to use “Bubbles NOT balloons!” Their activism caused BHS events (like Graduation and Spring Fling) to use bubbles instead of balloons. The EK students told us their story at a Difference Makers assembly where we were so pleased to highlight our very own, very young Difference Makers.
    Our second Difference Maker presenter was special guest, 17-year-old Wyatt Workman. When Workman was 8 years old, he heard of the astonishing pollution levels in our oceans and decided to make a change through art. By creating and selling clay sculptures, Workman was able to donate money to the nonprofit ocean conservation organization, Oceana. He also made a claymation movie and then a book called Save the Sea from the Trash Monster! which he read to our ECD students after the assembly. Thank you, Wyatt, for being a Difference Maker and for inspiring our students to do the same!
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