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  • Graduation Tea Etiquette Training

    Our annual Graduation Tea, taking place tomorrow at the Uhlmann home, is one of many long-standing Berkeley Hall traditions. This very special event gives seventh and eighth graders the opportunity to demonstrate their understanding of formal etiquette; eighth graders host their parents and guests, and seventh graders and some of their parents play a support role (knowing they'll have the spotlight next year). Students are taught in advance how to conduct themselves at a formal event by the owner of a Beverly Hills cotillion company, getting trained in receiving-line introductions, buffet etiquette, manners, elocution, and poise. We look forward to seeing our students dressed up and exhibiting their finest social manners at our Graduation Tea.
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  • "Addressing Homelessness" - Final Difference Makers Event of the Year

    On Monday, we wrapped up this year’s Difference Makers series on the topic of, “Addressing Homelessness,” by welcoming a team from Food on Foot:

    “Food on Foot is a non-profit organization dedicated to assisting the poor and homeless of Los Angeles through programs that provide nutritious meals, clothing, work opportunities and ultimately the transition to full-time employment and life off the streets.”

    Berkeley Hall’s Director of Communications, Lisa Taylor, moderated a discussion with Food on Foot Founder Jay Goldinger, and Program Director Kelsie Deppen. We saw a video of one of their many success stories – a man who once experienced homelessness, and with their help, is now working full-time and happily living in his own home.

    A highlight of the event was hearing from our own 8th grade student Difference Maker, Katie B., who, along with her parents, has been a regular volunteer at Food on Foot for several years. It was wonderful to hear Katie relay her experiences working with the organization and we are so proud of her! Thank you to mom, Sasha, for helping to arrange this week’s event, and to Sasha and Katie’s dad, Brad, for being such great examples and Difference Makers, too!

    Please visit for more information on this wonderful organization.
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  • Title: reflection   Medium: charcoal on toned paper

    BHS Alumna Scholastic Gold Key Winner

    Huge congratulations to BHS alumna Malia Goldman '16, who just won Gold in the National Scholastic Art Competition for her charcoal drawing on toned paper entitled, "reflection." You read that correctly. This is a charcoal drawing, not a photograph. She will be flown to New York to receive her prize, attend an award ceremony, and have her work featured in the Scholastic traveling show. Here's a note she wrote to BHS art teacher Tracy Cheney

    Hi Mrs. Cheney, 
    It’s a pleasure to hear from you again! Thank you for going out of your way to reach out, it truly made my day. I was so excited to have won gold [as a National Scholastic Gold Key winner], and I can’t wait to head to New York for the ceremony. Thank you so much for introducing me to the Scholastic competition and for encouraging me to continue to pursue art. I will be applying to art schools soon, and I would never have come this far without your guidance and inspiration throughout the years.
    Thanks again,
    -Malia Goldman '16
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  • Ten Years Later

    Ten years ago, the class of 2009 wrote letters to themselves in Mr. Miller's class and then promptly forgot about them. On Saturday, May 4th, they'll open those letters at the BHS Spring Fling and find the surprises within. The opening of the ten-year letters is one of Berkeley Hall's most moving events and serves to connect the students of past and present. The class of 2019 will soon write their own letters, just like every graduating class has done since 2007. They'll be opened in 2029.
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  • Stride Pianists Play Berkeley Hall

    It is a special moment to see a whole audience full of young students vacillate between rapt attention and unrestrained enthusiastic appreciation. This happened often during a recent concert by internationally-known pianists Stephanie Trick and Paolo Alderighi, who play stride piano, the style of music born out of Harlem in the 1920's that takes the rhythm and bass of ragtime, styled with a bit of swing, and puts some jazz and blues improvisation on top of it. Stride leaves grand openings for individual expression, and Stephanie and Paolo took advantage of that freedom, bringing us a wide variety of up-beat music. With it's Harlem roots, Stephanie rightfully acknowledged the appropriateness of this concert during Black History Month and honored the key musicians who brought this style to prominence.
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  • JH Boys Win Soccer Championship!

    Championship games are always exciting. Both teams are poised to win, but in the end, only one can take home the trophy! Berkeley Hall faced a tough competitor in Milkin, who scored a goal early and kept the Bobcats at bay. We were down 1-0 at the half. But the Bobcats worked hard and through with strong teamwork, James L. scored two goals back-to-back bringing the score to 2-1. With 12 minutes left, could they hold the lead? Final score 2:1 Berkeley Hall to win the championship! Congratulations to a season well played. Go Bobcats!
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  • Student Council Gives Back!

    Thank you to all families and students who brought baked goods and participated in the Bake Sale. The Middle School Student Council Raised $437, and the Primary/Intermediate Student Council raised $355 for a grand total of $792! The money will be sent to the Wounded Warriors Project and will directly impact Veterans through different mental and physical health programs. Great job Bobcats and Student Council!
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  • An EK Tribute to Dr. King

    The students in EK love learning about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. His story deeply touches their hearts. They understand what it is to feel left out and be treated unfairly and unjustly. They are also learning to organize their thoughts about what they are learning and then put those thoughts on paper. They love the idea of righting any injustice, being brave, standing up for what is right, and changing things that are wrong. Please enjoy these works from the hearts of our youngest chidlren.
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  • Mindfulness Workshop at BHS

    For thirty years, Dave Mochel has been focused on the foundations of well-being, healthy communities, and leadership. After more than twenty years teaching human development, neuroscience, physics, and mindfulness in independent schools, Dave founded Applied Attention Coaching and Consulting. He works with individuals, teams, and organizations all over the world to help them focus their attention and energy where it will make the greatest positive difference.

    Dave works with leaders, educators, executives, parents, students and athletes all over the world and it was a privilege to have him join us at Berkeley Hall. He lead a workshop for parents at the BHPA breakfast and later met faculty for lunch. Grades 6-8 each had a 50-minute workshop with Dave.

    Those who attended Dave's workshops had extremely positive resonses to his message and the tips he gave around the subject mindfulness.
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  • Student Council Welcomes Step Up on Second Director

    Did you know: Student Council members in grades 1-8 had the opportunity to hear from Mr. Tod Lipka, the Director of Step Up on Second, an organization that helps put people challenged with homelessness into permanent housing with any support services they may need.
    • Only 1-2% of homeless people choose to be homeless. That leaves 98% who want to be housed but don’t always have the means to do that alone.
    • Many homeless people have jobs, but the wages they earn, are not enough to support the expense of maintaining a home.
    • The first step to addressing homelessness is for us to each make the change in our own thinking about the problem of homelessness. The best we can do for homeless people is to express empathy and compassion; no labels, no limit, lots of love. 
    • The next step is to provide donations to organizations through money or supplies. Most homeless people have access to meals on regular basis through shelters. The greatest need is for community help providing supplies such as blankets, towels, toilet paper, dental care items, first aid kits, soap, shampoo, toilet paper, etc. These items are best distributed through an organization that supports homeless people. Organizations can provide services and distribute supplies in a more efficient way than giving things to individuals one at a time.
    Thank you Student Council members! Your questions and comments were thoughtful and you are ready to lead our school in helping the BHS community address the local challenge of homelessness.
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