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  • Summer Resources

    Here are all the articles, resources, and tips we've found for you this summer! Scroll through to find fun ideas, perfect for summer in Los Angeles! If you'd like to follow us on Social Media, you can find us on Instagram (@berkeleyhallschool) and on Facebook (Berkeley Hall School).

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  • Miracle in Philadelphia - 2019

    One of the year's culminating events includes the 5th grade’s performance of Miracle in Philadelphia, a musical about the Constitutional Convention in 1787 written by Jeff Lantos and Bill Augustine. Our fifth graders danced, sang, and acted their way through an abridged version of this musical that details the story of our nation’s birth. Congratulations to our 5th grade students, Director, Mr. McManus, Musical Director, Mr. Fontaine, and Choreographer, Ms. Hygate, for a fine performance!
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  • Villains in the Gold Field - 2019

    The fourth grade production of Villains in the Gold Field is a true Berkeley Hall melodrama. The show has big laughs, big drama, big romance, and a dastardly villain. Every year, the fourth grade puts on a production that relates to their study of the California Gold Rush. The Gold Rush represents a large part of their spring social studies learning, and it is always a highlight to act out and dress like the time period that forever changed the future of our state. Many, many thanks to Mr. Fontaine for the music and adaptation of the screenplay, Mr. McManus for his selfless work with the kids in Drama, and to alumni parent Cindy Hygate for wonderful choreography.
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  • 2nd Grade Insect Interviews

    Our sweet second graders presented "Insect Interviews!" It was a week long project, which they started by choosing an insect to learn about. They spent one class period per day researching facts about their bugs. In the end, they turned their facts into questions and answers, which they then read on stage in Hodges theater, dressed as their insect 🦋 🐞🕷 🐜 It was super cute and very informative. Check out these costumes!
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  • 5th Grade Trip to Ronald Reagan Library

    We rediscovered this photo of a 5th grade field trip that visited the Ronald Reagan Library in the early 90s, and ran into Mr. Reagan himself! This field trip to the library and museum is a much loved 5th grade tradition. The students get to visit the Learning Center, where they are assigned a government role and asked to work together to solve a real-life problem. It's fun, encourages team work, and teaches our students all about the U.S. government! 
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  • Admins For a Day

    Our Head of School, Dean of Students, and Dean of Academics got to take a little “break” for one day while two young leaders took over. Second grader Jasmine and fifth grader London were the winners of the “Head for a Day” and “Dean for a Day” auction items. On their big day, they introduced a special Memorial Day assembly, participated in meetings, and took attendance at a fire drill. They wrapped up their day with lunch at the Cheesecake Factory and some yummy frozen yogurt. What a day! 
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  • Students present Dr. Staley with $1500.

    Math Club Marketplace Donates $1500

    The 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students get together throughout the year for Math Club, where they work together to solve real life problems in mixed-grade groups. Every spring, the students participate in Math Club Marketplace, where they create a product or a service to sell at the Spring Fling. This year, our students raised $1,500!! They voted to donate the money to the school, to go toward the Innovation Lab Renovations.
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  • Student Council - "Undies for All"

    Our Difference Makers series on Homelessness this year inspired our students to take action. Our student council led a number of drives this year, including “Undies for All.” Over 100 people in the BHS community contributed underwear and toiletries to the drive, which were then donated to Hope of the Valley! This year we also had a successful bake sale to raise money for homeless veteran's through the Wounded Warriors Project. We would like to thank these organizations for empowering us to use these as opportunities for leadership. We know that this quote is true: "People who think they can change the world are often the ones who do."
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  • Graduation Tea Etiquette Training

    Our annual Graduation Tea, taking place tomorrow at the Uhlmann home, is one of many long-standing Berkeley Hall traditions. This very special event gives seventh and eighth graders the opportunity to demonstrate their understanding of formal etiquette; eighth graders host their parents and guests, and seventh graders and some of their parents play a support role (knowing they'll have the spotlight next year). Students are taught in advance how to conduct themselves at a formal event by the owner of a Beverly Hills cotillion company, getting trained in receiving-line introductions, buffet etiquette, manners, elocution, and poise. We look forward to seeing our students dressed up and exhibiting their finest social manners at our Graduation Tea.
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  • "Addressing Homelessness" - Final Difference Makers Event of the Year

    On Monday, we wrapped up this year’s Difference Makers series on the topic of, “Addressing Homelessness,” by welcoming a team from Food on Foot:

    “Food on Foot is a non-profit organization dedicated to assisting the poor and homeless of Los Angeles through programs that provide nutritious meals, clothing, work opportunities and ultimately the transition to full-time employment and life off the streets.”

    Berkeley Hall’s Director of Communications, Lisa Taylor, moderated a discussion with Food on Foot Founder Jay Goldinger, and Program Director Kelsie Deppen. We saw a video of one of their many success stories – a man who once experienced homelessness, and with their help, is now working full-time and happily living in his own home.

    A highlight of the event was hearing from our own 8th grade student Difference Maker, Katie B., who, along with her parents, has been a regular volunteer at Food on Foot for several years. It was wonderful to hear Katie relay her experiences working with the organization and we are so proud of her! Thank you to mom, Sasha, for helping to arrange this week’s event, and to Sasha and Katie’s dad, Brad, for being such great examples and Difference Makers, too!

    Please visit for more information on this wonderful organization.
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