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  • 500 Books Donated by BHS

    The Chase Child Life program at UCLA Mattel Children's Hospital was thrilled to receive the approximately 500 books that were donated to our Berkeley Hall's Book Drive. These books will bring comfort, education and entertainment to young children and adolescents who are in the hospital. Thank you again to our generous BHS families for this successful community outreach. And, thanks again to BHS Parent Oliver Sims for making this special delivery.
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  • Berkeley Hall Featured in Ventura Magazine

    Founded in 1911, Berkeley Hall is an independent, coeducational school for students in nursery (age 3) through eighth grade. Nestled in the Santa Monica Mountains, the 66-acre campus provides the latest classroom technology, rigorous academics, visual and performing arts opportunities, a competitive athletic program, and a variety of enrichment classes.

    WHAT ARE SOME WAYS YOUR SCHOOL PROMOTES EQUALITY AND INCLUSIVITY? “Berkeley Hall is one of the most diverse independent schools in Los Angeles, and we strive to be the kind of community we want our world to be. Our classrooms are enriched by the variety of backgrounds and perspectives our students bring, and we work to create a community built upon relationships of awareness and trust. We address implicit bias, equip our community to fight racism, foster student intelligence in multiculturally sensitive ways, and offer a curriculum that is inclusive and equitable. But just as important are the less formal steps—the teachable moments we foster every day when teachers and students practice seeing and celebrating each individual’s unique differences.”

    WHAT DO YOU SEE KIDS DOING TO MAKE THIS WORLD A BETTER PLACE? “Berkeley Hall is known for its Difference Makers Series—a program that introduces our community to people addressing the pressing issues of our time. Our most recent speaker, a Berkeley Hall alumna who is now a junior in high school, was inspired by the program when she was a student here and started her nonprofit at 11 years old. While visiting family in India, she saw a need and now supplies shoes, warm clothing and school supplies to students in the slums of New Delhi. Most recently, she responded to the pandemic by fundraising to help dis-advantaged children in Los Angeles obtain headphones to aid in distance learning. This alumna’s efforts show how Berkeley Hall stu-dents are positively impacting the world.”

    WHAT HAVE BEEN YOUR PROUDEST MOMENTS DURING THE RECENT CRISIS? “Our Depth of Study system, which allows teachers to collaborate and improve teach-ing and learning, allowed us to transition our focus quickly to create solutions in a remote and hybrid setting. We’ve never seen a faculty work more tirelessly and go above and beyond what was asked of them. Everyone pulled together—from faculty to staff to administrators to facilities personnel to par-ents and students. This became an enormous team effort. We are so proud of our dedicated teachers, who have continued to provide an exceptional education to our students even while remote. We are equally proud of our dedicated staff, who evaluate the changing landscape and implement measures that keep our students safe. We are also grateful for our families for helping ensure that their kids continue to grow and learn together in creative, fun and meaningful ways—even through this year’s difficult challenges.”

    HOW IS YOUR SCHOOL HELPING KIDS COPE WITH THE PANDEMIC AND SAFER-AT-HOME ORDERS? “Berkeley Hall has an online library full of resources for parents and students to sup-port social-emotional learning. Our teachers and administration have been highly involved in providing strategies and learning opportunities to help our students navigate this challenging year. Through daily Morning Meetings and advisory programs, students have regular opportunities to process all they are experiencing. Based on scientific data, we recognized in the early months of the pandemic that bring-ing students safely back to campus would be our #1 priority. Due to low positivity rates in early childhood education, our nursery and early kindergarten classes were able to start safely in September. With our rigorous safety protocols in place, they have been on campus all year without issue. When our L.A. County K–2 waiver was approved, we opened to kindergarten, first and second grades. We have recently reopened for grades 3–6 and will soon have cohorts of seventh- and eighth-grade students back on campus for social-emotional learning activities, under the county’s 25% rule.”

    WHAT IS BERKELEY HALL’S MISSION? “Our mission is to empower children to fulfill their unlimited, God-given potential as fear-less scholars and conscientious citizens.”

    WHAT MAKES YOUR TEACHERS THE BEST IN THE BUSINESS? “Our teachers believe in children’s extraordinary potential—not in limits or labels. When you start with the idea that children are endlessly capable, you find that they rise to your expectations in amazing ways. This view of children as unlimited is at the heart of teaching and learning at Berkeley Hall, and it closely relates to the psychological principle called growth mindset—now widely embraced in educational circles. With a growth mindset, we realize that our abilities are not fixed, but they are instead fluid. Through effort and practice, each of us can acquire new capabilities. We can turn weaknesses into strengths. We can discover and nurture unexpected talents. Guiding students to adopt this outlook is wonderfully empowering. It helps motivate them to take risks and try new things—to be fearless scholars. And it helps them persist even if success doesn’t come quickly.”

    WHAT ARE YOU ESPECIALLY GRATEFUL FOR TODAY? “We are grateful for everyone’s flexibility as Berkeley Hall adapts to the ever-changing path toward a safe reopening. We are grateful for our expansive campus, large class-rooms with ample circulation and communication technology, and outdoor facilities. Most important, we are grateful for our dedicated, flexible, caring teachers who are working twice as hard during the pandemic to deliver an excellent education to their students.”

    We invite you to read this article in Ventura Boulevard Magazine here.
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  • Student Council Bake Sale a Success

    A huge thank you goes out to all the parents and students who baked up a storm and individually wrapped all the goodies for our bake sale. The Primary/Intermediate Student Council Bake Sale brought in over $1200 in support of iSparkle, Inc., a non-profit organization started by BHS Alum Ameerah Grover (seen above with her brother Shiv). This fundraiser helped purchase headsets for online learning to be used by underprivileged students in Los Angeles.
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  • Change in Office

    Just as we all experienced the change in office for the President of the United States this week in Washington, D.C., so too, did the change in office occur at BHS! Our Primary/Intermediate Student Council members rotated office. (JH Student Council members are elected for a 1-year term.)

    The purpose of the Berkeley Hall Student Council is to give students an opportunity to develop leadership skills by organizing and carrying out the mission of the school through student-led activities and service projects. In addition to planning events that contribute to school spirit and community welfare, Student Council is the voice of the student body. 

    Trimester 1 Student Council Class Representatives, after learning about two orphaned bobcat kittens being cared for at the CA Wildlife Center, wanted to support the care of these kittens and initiated and carried out a school art auction resulting in a donation to the Wildlife Center of $416. Way to go leaders!  

    Please join us in thanking those leaving office and welcome those stepping in to leadership roles for Trimester 2. Please read more to see the names.
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  • Mock Trial Wraps Up a Successful Season

    The 2020 Mock Trial team ended it's award-winning season with two "Best in LA County" awards for "Outstanding Prosecution Attorney" to Daryan R. and "Outstanding Prosecution Witness: Drew Marshak" to Moises D. Two students were singled out by the opposing teams with the MVP award going to Keanu F. and Ava S. This year, all students on the team were 8th graders. The trials, which are traditionally held at the downtown Los Angeles Courthouse, were held on Zoom. Congratulations to one and all!
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  • BHS Represented at The Pollyanna Conference

    Berkeley Hall School was represented at the recent Pollyanna Conference, the 4th Annual meeting of its kind at Harvard Westlake with the purpose of exploring diversity, equity, and inclusion. The theme of this year’s conference was “Courageous Conversations: Learning to Connect Authentically and with Compassion.”  

    The purpose of the day was to give space to learn specific strategies for engaging in courageous conversations on numerous topics that easily divide communities from commonly marginalized groups. 
    The mission of Pollyanna is to create a platform "where groups of people can explore together diversity, inclusion, and equity and share ideas, experiences and knowledge in order to become change agents in their immediate communities.” 
    The day began with brief opening remarks and a special keynote speaker followed by workshops in which school representatives discussed navigating difficult conversations around inclusion. Following lunch, there was a dynamic student presentation and continued conversations about next steps for school conversations.
    Participating schools were encouraged to send student and parent representatives. Berkeley Hall was generously represented by several parents: Susan Evans, Zully Gonzalez, Hamdeep and Sehanjot Singh, and Shannon Westmore; our student body was represented by Student Council Co-President, Moises D.:
    "This year's topic of discussion was "Courageous Conversations." Leading the first half of the conference was a presentation by Baratunde Thurston. He is an activist who's hosted many shows and Ted Talks and he comes from a family of hard-working people of color. In his presentation, Thurston talked about our country’s democracy and history. He focused on calling out racism in schools and in public. And how to be open to diversity.
    After the presentation from Mr. Thurston, we went off into breakout rooms and talked about how we can make our schools more diverse. And from there we went to zoom rooms specifically for the Berkeley Hall community.
    It was an honor attending such an empowering and amazing conference. I learned many things from the others who attended the conference. And from what I heard, Berkeley Hall is going in the right direction, and we must keep on going in that direction to achieve the goal of having more diversity, more inclusivity and more equality."
    - Student Council Co-President, Moises D.
     "The Pollyanna Conference provided a meaningful springboard into a larger conversation about DEI. After attending workshops with parents from other schools, it was insightful to share viewpoints with BHS parents and eighth grader, Moises Diaz, discussing what’s working well at Berkeley Hall and ways to further strengthen our community."
    -Susan Evans
    “We enjoyed the Pollyanna Conference! It really opened many conversations for students and parents to converse about diversity and inclusion. We discussed some ideas of ways we can bring even more diversity to Berkeley Hall.”
    -Hamdeep and Sehanjot Singh
    BHS is making strides in our work with diversity, equity, and inclusion and we look forward to sharing our progress and next steps with soon.
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  • Mayor Garcetti

    LA Mayor Gives Shout-out to BHS Student

    In the middle of his speech, Mayor Garcetti gave a shout-out to our very own 7th grader, Evelyn! Here's why. Evelyn started a mask business for the summer. Mom Sabrina says, "It has been a fantastic learning experience for her and kept her very busy all summer. She has sold over 650 masks (and made even more!) through her Etsy shop. As part of this project she decided to write political figures (Kamala Harris, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, AOC, the Obamas, Newsom, and Garcetti) and gift them her California and Democratic masks. Her letters included talking about things that were important to her including homelessness in our country/city, women’s rights, BLM, etc. SO the mayor’s response in the video was the first she has gotten. Garcetti then wore the mask at the opening of a homeless shelter which was so awesome. Evelyn is donating some of her profits to a local homeless shelter where she has volunteered that helps homeless families in the San Fernando Valley. Check out the video and picture by clicking the headline.
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  • Follow Those Paws

    To make physical distancing more fun, our facilities team is hard at work laying down paw prints on our sidewalks.
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  • Unity During Unrest

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  • Difference Maker BHS Alum Merritt More

    Our third and final Difference Makers Series event of the year was spearheaded by our JH Student Council. In preparation, they researched and chose the guest, formulated questions, and practiced interviewing and vocal technique along with on-camera presentation. Their guest is former BHS student Merritt Moore, acclaimed astro-physicist and professional ballerina. Please enjoy the professionalism of our JH Student Council as they talk with BHS alum Merritt Moore in this Difference Makers Series presentation.
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Located in Los Angeles, CA, Berkeley Hall School is a private, coeducational school for students in preschool through grade 8. Rigorous academics in a supportive atmosphere and grounded character development allow students to become fearless scholars and conscientious citizens - gain a love of learning, leadership with social responsibility, creativity with moral integrity, and self-esteem with compassion for others and the environment.