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  • 3rd Grade Over the Moon about JPL

    3rd Grade had a blast learning all about the newest NASA rover that's heading to Mars in July! 

    On Wednesday, the 3rd grade went to JPL (Jet Propulsion Labratory) as a science field trip to learn about NASA's newest rover (yet to be named), which is scheduled to leave for Mars in July. Students learned about what NASA hopes the rover will do and find. Students saw the clean room where JPL builds and works on the rover and found out that rover team members take an air shower before they enter the clean room. Students also learned that our earth is heating up faster than it ever has in history and we need to take care of it.  

    After so much learning, they headed to a park for lunch and chatted about all they'd seen at JPL. Everyone was buzzing with excitement. After a little energy-releasing play time, we headed home.
    All in all, it was an excellent day!
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  • Fabulous Win: 36-16

    5th Boys Soccer Hustle

    The 5th Grade Boys Soccer Team had a great game against the Chime Institute Community School. They hustled, moved the ball, played great defense, and took many shots. They showed great sportsmanship and heart. A team parent exclaimed, "We are all so proud of them!"
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  • Bobcat House Day

    Berkeley Hall students in grades 1-8 are assigned to one of our 4 core-value Houses (Respect, Responsibility, Honesty, and Compassion) for the duration of their life as a Bobcat. Each House is divided into three Teams for a total of 12 different Bobcat Teams. Each trimester, House teams compete against each other. Individuals can win points for their team by expressing our core values. Teams can also win points by performing well in the competitions, working together, and having good sportsmanship. This Trimester, students competed in PE activities such as soccer, track, and basketball. They also started to design their new House banners. Enjoy the pictures from our most recent Bobcat House Day.
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  • EK's "Chores for Change"

    EK is learning about the world around them. They learned about the terrible fires all over Australia and the animals that need help. "But how can we help?" the children pondered. They decided to ask for chores they might do at home, thereby earning money to send to the people who are helping the animals. Their first official day of collecting netted them $34 and change! They are feeling very empowered and excited about their ability to help make a terrible situation better. The Nursery and Kindergarten will be joining in to do "Chores for Change!"
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  • ECD Family Holiday Gathering

    What a magical event! Our ECD Family Holiday Gathering included an unspeakably scrumptious pot-luck meal with desserts a-plenty (thank you parents), very confident singing and bell performances by the children, and beautifully decorated tables with name cards for each family to have a special place. Many thanks to our parent volunteers and wonderful faculty for making this event special!
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  • How To: Review BHS

    As you may know, BHS finds most of our prospective families through word of mouth. However, more and more prospective families are leaning on Google searches and online reviews (the new word of mouth) to help find the right fit school for their child. Please consider helping the school by leaving an online review.
    There are three places where it really counts, and they're listed in order of priority below. We recommend that you write your review in Word first and then copy and paste sections into the review sites for posting. This way, if anything funny happens online, you can still salvage your thoughtful work!
    1. Niche (link here): You will need to set up a profile on this site, but it is well worth it. This site ranks high on Google and is really helping us. Your review is limited to 1000 characters, but please keep it around 925 to be safe. 
    2. Google: Just search "Berkeley Hall School" on Google and on the right side of the page, scroll down to leave your review.
    3. Great Schools (link here) 
    4. Facebook! Like our Page here, then select "review" on the left side of the page. 
    Again, thank you for your consideration of this request. We know how much time and effort it takes to write a thoughtful review and we would be very grateful for your help with this. 
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  • Intermediate Holiday Program

    Each 4th and 5th grade student was wholeheartedly involved in their big Holiday Program. Whether on or off the stage, their hard work made the show a huge success. Bravo Bobcats!

    Congrats to the production team, too: Music Director and Playwrite was Music Teacher Geoffrey Fontaine, Director was Drama Teacher Gabe McManus, Choreographer was BHS alumni parent Cindy Hygate, and Set Designer was Custodian Marc Lignier.
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  • 3rd Grade Publishing Party

    Third graders worked very hard to write and illustrate their own original short stories. Then, using iPads, they narrated and turned their work into interactive audiobooks! They celebrated this achievement with their families at a publishing party.
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  • JH Formal Christmas Dance

    The class of 2019 attended a special dinner with Dr. Staley, followed by the Junior High Christmas Dance with their current Bobcat friends. It was so fun to see them and hear about their Freshman year of high school!
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  • Citrus Singers Perform at BHS

    Citrus Singers Perform at BHS

    For the past 5 years, the Uhlmann family has gifted our community with a Christmas choral and hand-bell performance by the Citrus Singers from Citrus College. This nationally-renowned acapella choral ensemble of young singers performs in a wide variety of venues including on television, at the Rose Parade and the Super Bowl, and in the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion for an audience of 7000! We are truly blessed to have them sing for us! Director Doug Austin said after the performance, "We always enjoy performing at Berkeley Hall because we love it when the little children sing along to Jingle Bells."
    Their performance this week included some holiday classics. Enjoy their expression of Soul.
    During Jingle Bells, you can faintly hear the little children singing along in the background, and you can see the faces of the singers look back at them with big smiles. 
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