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  • Mayor Garcetti

    LA Mayor Gives Shout-out to BHS Student

    In the middle of his speech, Mayor Garcetti gave a shout-out to our very own 7th grader, Evelyn! Here's why. Evelyn started a mask business for the summer. Mom Sabrina says, "It has been a fantastic learning experience for her and kept her very busy all summer. She has sold over 650 masks (and made even more!) through her Etsy shop. As part of this project she decided to write political figures (Kamala Harris, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, AOC, the Obamas, Newsom, and Garcetti) and gift them her California and Democratic masks. Her letters included talking about things that were important to her including homelessness in our country/city, women’s rights, BLM, etc. SO the mayor’s response in the video was the first she has gotten. Garcetti then wore the mask at the opening of a homeless shelter which was so awesome. Evelyn is donating some of her profits to a local homeless shelter where she has volunteered that helps homeless families in the San Fernando Valley. Check out the video and picture by clicking the headline.
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  • Follow Those Paws

    To make physical distancing more fun, our facilities team is hard at work laying down paw prints on our sidewalks.
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  • Unity During Unrest

    Whenever I have occasion to speak about what makes BHS stand out, one of the four things I address is our unusually diverse community and how much this diversity positively contributes to our school environment. As one of the most diverse independent schools in Los Angeles, we strive to embrace all backgrounds, ethnicities, cultures, orientations, beliefs, and learning styles. This is why now, more than ever, we look to the strength of our community to stand in the face of our nation’s (and the world’s) current displays of racism and violence. 
    It is our firm belief that as we actively practice respect for diversity in all its forms, express compassion for those whose opinions and experiences might differ from our own, and develop a growth-mindset that recognizes the unlimited God-given potential of every individual, we help ourselves and our children create an increasingly kind and inclusive world for all to peacefully and equitably share.
    Childhood is precious and all too brief.  As the adults in our children’s lives, we are aware of the fact that they are listening to us and looking to us to address their feelings of anxiety and concern, and we must do this as we simultaneously handle our own emotions of dismay, fear, and anger. We are encouraged that our community of like-minded, character-based individuals have the deep care to be mindful of what our children are taking in. As these events bring up issues within each of us, we are grateful for the foundation of our core values of respect, responsibility, honesty and compassion. Our students possess and practice these values, as do we.
    Below are some resources which may help support you in having conversations with your children about the current violence and unrest in our city.
    Please feel free to reach out to me or to any of our teachers or administrators. We are here for you in any way that would be helpful. Our hearts and our prayers are with all those who are so deeply affected by the issues at the forefront of our nation and we, as a community, can feel very proud that we stand together as a diverse community with a unified mission.
    With sincere appreciation for our families,
    Lisle Staley, PhD
    Head of School 
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  • Difference Maker BHS Alum Merritt More

    Our third and final Difference Makers Series event of the year was spearheaded by our JH Student Council. In preparation, they researched and chose the guest, formulated questions, and practiced interviewing and vocal technique along with on-camera presentation. Their guest is former BHS student Merritt Moore, acclaimed astro-physicist and professional ballerina. Please enjoy the professionalism of our JH Student Council as they talk with BHS alum Merritt Moore in this Difference Makers Series presentation.
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  • 1st Grade Authors Tackle Series Books

    Remote learning can't stop BHS superstar writers! Since the switch to remote learning, first grade authors have been bravely learning about a totally new type of writing... realistic fiction series. They have loved learning how to harness the power of their imaginations and create their very own unique characters who get in (and out!) of trouble. To allow readers to get to know the characters even better, these young authors made MANY stories about their character, instead of just one, and created whole series.
    For mentoring and help along the way they looked to one  favorite series author, Cynthia Rylant, who has written the Mr. Putter and Tabby series, the Henry and Mudge series, and the Annie and Snowball series. Through studying her work, the 1st grade authors learned more about how to unfreeze characters, add in tiny realistic details, use patterns, build suspense, and organize their stories into chapter books. Their growth from a distance has AMAZED the teachers! To celebrate the completion of their first individual series, authors hosted read-alouds, created box sets, and shared with other authors on Zoom. They were glowing with pride and ready to tackle one more series before the year ends!
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  • Valley Community Healthcare Workers

    Berkeley Hall Donates Masks

    “Thank you so much for the drop-off this week, that was a welcome sight and our staff is truly grateful. So thank you!” - Paula Wilson, mother of Tyler Cushman BHS Class of '09; President & Chief Executive Officer of Valley Community Healthcare. ⁠

    When BHS received word through Ms. Wilson that the healthcare workers at Valley Community Healthcare were in need of N-95 masks, we donated the 200 that were in our emergency supplies to help support the healthcare workers.⁠

    Berkeley Hall is so proud to have a community of outstanding Difference Makers! Valley Community Healthcare has been serving the healthcare needs of low income men, women, and children of the San Fernando Valley since 1970. We're grateful for all they do.⁠

    Once a Bobcat, always a Bobcat! ⁠
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  • Cowboy Day in Kindergarten

    Kindergartners enjoyed studying the wild west during W week. Each day, they learned new facts about cowboys and the cowboy life. They learned how cowboys herded cows and how they drove them long distances across prairies to market. They learned about the chuck wagon and the food cowboys ate. They learned some cowboy songs in music with Mr. Small. On Friday they all wore cowboy clothing to morning meeting – flannel, cowboy hats, boots, patriotic clothing, vests, and bandannas. Please enjoy our cowboy album!
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  • EK's Favorite Books

    Last week was World Book Day. EK's assignment was to pick a favorite book and, in their Writing Journals, tell about their favorite part of their favorite book. Now, in EK Morning Meetings, the children enjoy Mystery Readers reading their favorite books to the class. The children sign up for a day to read, and the rest of the class is eager to learn whose turn it is today. Lots of fun with books in EK!
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  • Siblings in the Garden Remote Learning

    When Nursery families were asked to send in stories from the front lines, here is one fun bit. Nicole sent us a photo of JT and Claire in the garden doing bug research together. JT is researching the Praying Mantis for his 2nd grade Science class and Claire is observing bugs for her Nursery project.
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  • 4th Grade to Disney Hall

    The fourth graders’ field trip to the Walt Disney Concert Hall was a resounding success! Our kids joined students from across southern California for a special performance of Power to the People, played by LA’s premier orchestra, the LA Philharmonic. For many of the students, this was their first exposure to live orchestral music. For almost all, it was their first time seeing the concert hall, Architect Frank Gehry’s masterpiece in downtown. There were lots of excited faces all around!

    At the performance, our students had front row seats in the “boat,” with an amazing view into the orchestra. Their eyes were fixed on the beautiful instruments and they sat in rapped silence for the duration of the show. Students were heard humming Beethoven’s piece Ode to Joy for hours afterwards.

    This field trip is particularly special because it is sponsored by Mr. Fontaine and the Music department and is a fourth grade tradition. We thank him for all his work in putting together a fabulous day for us all!
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