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  • 3D Printer!

    We are excited to announce the arrival of our first ever 3D Printer! Innovation has always been an important element of a BHS education, and we can't wait to see what our students will learn with this new technology. Stay tuned for more updates from our growing Innovation Lab.
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  • Alumni Surprises Little Brother While on Army Leave

    Allen R., Class of 2013, recently came back to Berkeley Hall to surprise his brother Milan in Kindergarten after being away for a full year in the Army! He shared, "Seeing my brother for the first time in a year made me so happy. He always looks up to me, and now that he’s at Berkeley Hall, I feel he will follow in my footsteps and work hard to be successful. Berkeley Hall taught me how to strive for success in life, my teachers prepared me educationally, and I learned how to achieve goals I never thought I could accomplish. Being mentally prepared for high school was a big advantage because I knew how to better myself in life, as I pursued becoming a doctor, and as I took my first steps into adulthood by joining the army. I’m grateful my brother is getting the same preparation for life, it has served me well." We're so proud of this Bobcat! Thanks for coming to visit, Allen. 
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  • Our Shield Tradition

    Every graduating BHS class designs and creates a shield. But how did this tradition start? In 1945, Francesca Leland (Rowan) wanted to give a special gift to her Latin teacher, Miss Cutler. So, she created the shield in secret and presented it to her class and their beloved teacher at graduation. 74 years later, this cherished BHS tradition continues with each graduating class building their own shield representing their class motto. BHS is a safe environment for all students, which allows them to try new things and push beyond their limits with no fear.
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  • First Swim Meet!

    The Berkeley Hall Aquatic Bobcats took the plunge yesterday and had their first meet against Stephen S. Wise. Because both teams have so many new members, this was a mock meet, where swimmers, and parents, were taught meet etiquette, along with reading the heat sheets, and how to line up and swim the various events.
    We have some great swimmers, so come on out and cheer them on!
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  • Student Council Representatives

    Student Council 2019-2020 election results are in. Eighth grade students submitted applications for self-nomination, prepared and presented speeches, and participated in our school’s governing process. Congratulations to our new cabinet of elected officers:
    President: Alex W.
    Co-Vice Presidents: Bella L. and Jimmy W.
    Secretary: Ashan A.

    “This is a very strong group of leaders and we are really looking forward to working with them and the Middle School representatives,” said Ms. Cooke, Middle School Advisor.

    Student Council wouldn’t be complete without class representatives from grades 1-8. Each class selects 2-3 students to represent the voice of the larger school community. Representatives, rotating throughout the year, attend weekly meetings on Friday during Community Time to represent the ideas of their classes. Together with the officers, the representatives form our BHS Student Council.

    Congratulations to the following representatives for fall term:
    1st Grade: Elias K. and Hannah O.
    2nd Grade: Jeremiah P. and Sarah V.
    3rd Grade: Valentina P. and Ryan V.
    4th Grade: Lari M., Sydney S., and Brady W.
    5th Grade: Gianna M. and Zairah S.
    6th Grade: London I. and Isa M.
    7th Grade: Moises D. and Ava S.
    8th Grade: Kiki I. and Simone M.

    “These students demonstrate leadership and teamwork every day at BHS. They are creative problem-solvers and critical thinkers who are compassionate agents of change,” added Mrs. Morse, Advisor for Grades 1-5.

    The purpose of the Berkeley Hall Student Council is to give students an opportunity to develop leadership skills by organizing and carrying the mission of the school through student-ledactivities and service projects. In addition to planning events that contribute to school spirit and community welfare, Student Council is the voice of the student body. Our meeting structure loosely follows Roberts Rules of Order as students learn to set and follow an agenda, take minutes, and report to their constituents.

    All officers and class representatives will be introduced at Monday’s Bobcat Assembly.
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  • Lori Getz

    Cyber expert Lori Getz spoke to our 4th through 8th grade students and their parents about privacy, cyber safety, and what conversations we should be having about technology. She placed an emphasis on the importance of balance and on parental involvement. The bottom line, in her opinion: be there to guide them. In addition to teaching the kids how to protect themselves, she also provided an opportunity for students to tell the adults present (in small break out groups) what their thoughts are about privacy and Internet use.
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  • Why a Late Start on Wednesdays?

    Wondering why 1st through 8th grades have a late start on Wednesdays? Our teachers value this dedicated time to meet with their Depth of Study (DoS) groups. These mixed-grade-level groups each focus on a different subject to research and implement curriculum best practices. They use student work to make sure their methods are effective and that their curriculums are in alignment. Our teachers do this because they know that the best way to improve student learning is to improve teaching. We love our teachers! Thank you for your commitment to educating our students. 
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  • Instagram Resources

    Here are all the articles, resources, and tips we've found for you this summer! Scroll through to find fun ideas, perfect for summer in Los Angeles! If you'd like to follow us on Social Media, you can find us on Instagram (@berkeleyhallschool) and on Facebook (Berkeley Hall School).

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  • Miracle in Philadelphia - 2019

    One of the year's culminating events includes the 5th grade’s performance of Miracle in Philadelphia, a musical about the Constitutional Convention in 1787 written by Jeff Lantos and Bill Augustine. Our fifth graders danced, sang, and acted their way through an abridged version of this musical that details the story of our nation’s birth. Congratulations to our 5th grade students, Director, Mr. McManus, Musical Director, Mr. Fontaine, and Choreographer, Ms. Hygate, for a fine performance!
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  • Villains in the Gold Field - 2019

    The fourth grade production of Villains in the Gold Field is a true Berkeley Hall melodrama. The show has big laughs, big drama, big romance, and a dastardly villain. Every year, the fourth grade puts on a production that relates to their study of the California Gold Rush. The Gold Rush represents a large part of their spring social studies learning, and it is always a highlight to act out and dress like the time period that forever changed the future of our state. Many, many thanks to Mr. Fontaine for the music and adaptation of the screenplay, Mr. McManus for his selfless work with the kids in Drama, and to alumni parent Cindy Hygate for wonderful choreography.
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