Meet Our Head of School

Lisle Staley, Ph.D. Head of School
Our mission is to “empower children to fulfill their unlimited, God-given potential as fearless scholars and conscientious citizens.”

We hope if you are new to Berkeley Hall, this site will give you a feel for our mission, our diverse student population, our nurturing staff, and our engaged—and engaging—school community. Berkeley Hall is proud of its 100-year history of providing Los Angeles students with a balanced and rigorous education in a setting that is expectant of good. All Berkeley Hall students are encouraged to “fulfill their unlimited God-given potential.”

Our faculty and community theme this year is “going deeper with learning” and will further develop active thinkers. Berkeley Hall students engage with a wide range of content, from traditional “core” subjects (math, English literature, Spanish, science and social studies) to specialized subjects (art, music, drama, woodshop, PE).

The faculty is daily striving to create lessons that enable students to “go deeper” in all areas of the curriculum and across all grade levels. Faculty teams regularly analyze how to improve instruction to provide rigorous and thoughtful learning opportunities for students. This work results in students who persevere in the face of academic challenge and understand material rather than merely recalling it.

Berkeley Hall graduates are ready to think deeply, engage compassionately with a variety of people and cultures, and express their views and feelings with poise.

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Lisle Staley, Ph.D.
Head of School
Located in Los Angeles, CA, Berkeley Hall School is a private, coeducational school for students in preschool through grade 8. Rigorous academics in a supportive atmosphere and grounded character development allow students to become fearless scholars and conscientious citizens - gain a love of learning, leadership with social responsibility, creativity with moral integrity, and self-esteem with compassion for others and the environment.