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  • Unity During Unrest

    Whenever I have occasion to speak about what makes BHS stand out, one of the four things I address is our unusually diverse community and how much this diversity positively contributes to our school environment. As one of the most diverse independent schools in Los Angeles, we strive to embrace all backgrounds, ethnicities, cultures, orientations, beliefs, and learning styles. This is why now, more than ever, we look to the strength of our community to stand in the face of our nation’s (and the world’s) current displays of racism and violence. 
    It is our firm belief that as we actively practice respect for diversity in all its forms, express compassion for those whose opinions and experiences might differ from our own, and develop a growth-mindset that recognizes the unlimited God-given potential of every individual, we help ourselves and our children create an increasingly kind and inclusive world for all to peacefully and equitably share.
    Childhood is precious and all too brief.  As the adults in our children’s lives, we are aware of the fact that they are listening to us and looking to us to address their feelings of anxiety and concern, and we must do this as we simultaneously handle our own emotions of dismay, fear, and anger. We are encouraged that our community of like-minded, character-based individuals have the deep care to be mindful of what our children are taking in. As these events bring up issues within each of us, we are grateful for the foundation of our core values of respect, responsibility, honesty and compassion. Our students possess and practice these values, as do we.
    Below are some resources which may help support you in having conversations with your children about the current violence and unrest in our city.
    Please feel free to reach out to me or to any of our teachers or administrators. We are here for you in any way that would be helpful. Our hearts and our prayers are with all those who are so deeply affected by the issues at the forefront of our nation and we, as a community, can feel very proud that we stand together as a diverse community with a unified mission.
    With sincere appreciation for our families,
    Lisle Staley, PhD
    Head of School 
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  • BHS Spirit Wear for Parents is Here!

    It's a new year and it's time for new BHS gear for parents! We have partnered with a company that produces awesome spirit wear so you can purchase a bunch of really cool BHS-branded stuff. Check it out! 
    Please note: only adult sizes available and NONE of this spirit wear can be worn by students in lieu of BHS uniform attire. 

    The store is open for only two weeks! Here's how it will work this time. 
    • On Monday, January 13 and on Friday, January 24, there will be a table on Circle Drive with gear available to try on for sizing.
    • Starting now, the online store is open and will remain open for two weeks. On January 27, the store closes (for this round).
    • Once the store closes, the company produces the BHS-branded gear and fulfills the orders. This process can take up to 5 weeks
    • You will receive your order directly from the company no later than March 2. 
    • All sales are final. All profits support Berkeley Hall.
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  • Gratitude for Coach Mike Hirsch

    Stephen Kennoy '91 " There are not enough words for what this man, in particular, meant to my life. He helped me find strength and courage through teamwork. Thank you Coach Michael Hirsch."
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  • Lilly Mischer '09, Claire Trewhitt '12 and Mosie Trewhitt '09

    Alumni Visit from Class of 2009 & 2012

    Mosie Trewhitt and Lilly Mischer, both Class of 2009, have stayed friends ever since their Berkeley Hall days, and came to see their alma mater, with Mosie's sister, Claire, Class of 2012.  They said hello to teachers, reminisced being in school plays and checked out their shields.  They were very surprised to run into Noah Miller, also Class of 2009, who is working for the IT department.
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  • BHS Class of 1996 reunite

    East Coast Alumna, Rachel Burward-Hoy Tierney '96 and Classmate, Jeremy Howard returned to BHS to relive their BHS school days.

    Rachel and Jeremy met up at school, as they did for many years, as students. They were pleasantly surprised to see classmate, Ashley Brown, on campus, and to learn she is the fourth grade teacher.  Ashley gave them a complete tour, and the three caught up with each other's news. 
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  • BHS Alum Rocks the El Rey!

    Congrats to Class of 2009 alumnus Hayden Day (also known as rap artist Gyyps) on his current nationwide tour! He just played to an exuberant hometown crowd at the El Rey Theater.
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  • Senior Send-Off for BHS Class of 2012

    Our Berkeley Hall Alumni, Class of 2012, reunited at BHS on May 5th for their ‘Senior Send-Off.’ The students reminisced about their Berkeley Hall years with their former teachers, administrators, and staff, laughing at some memories, nostalgic about others, and happy to be back to their educational roots. A current student walking by was thrilled to recognize her buddy (BHS older classes pair up with younger classes for shared special activities) from four years ago. These bright, young alumni’s college plans include: Stanford University, University of Southern California, Evergreen State College in Washington, University of Delaware, University of Wisconsin, Belmont University, Mt. Saint Mary’s College, Gonzaga University, Santa Monica College, California Polytechnic State University at Pomona, University of Connecticut, and Carnegie Mellon University.

    Berkeley Hall is so proud of these Alumni and warmly wish them a truly exciting new adventure as college students!
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  • The Power of a BHS Education - Drum Performance

    In the Bobcat Assembly led by two BHS Alums (current BHS 4th Grade Teacher Ashley Brown and her brother, BHS Science Teacher/Coach Woody Brown), they spoke about their wonderful experiences as students at Berkeley Hall and how those experiences have enriched their lives. Then they brought out a fellow classmate and alum and now, life-long friend, Kevin Katich (Class of 2004). Kevin first learned to play drums at BHS and came back to speak of his gratitude for that learning and to share his musical gift with our community. (Click headline to see video.)
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  • Class of 2015

    We are so proud of the Class of 2015.

    For over 100 years, Berkeley Hall has prepared its students well, academically,  artistically, athletically, cognitively, and socially, for rigorous high school studies and  beyond. Over the years, Berkeley Hall’s effectiveness and success have been increasingly recognized some of the and most selective high schools in the Los  Angeles area and beyond. This important track record continued with our graduating class of 2015.

    We are happy to report that our graduating 8th graders did very well with their high school admittances last spring. Continuing to strengthen our multiyear trends in this area, the vast majority of Berkeley Hall’s graduating class of 2015 was accepted by their first choice schools.

    We take great pride in successfully placing our graduates at
    the best schools for them. This process starts in 5th grade, when both our Head of School and Dean of Academics meet with each set of 5th grade parents to talk about their child’s relative strengths and areas for improvement, as well as that child’s  interests, hobbies, and the type of high school environment that would be most  conducive to his or her continued development.

    The work continues in 7th grade,  when both our Head of School and Director of Admissions meets with each individual set of parents to discuss which high schools they should apply to the following fall. The factors discussed include identifying the best school environment for that particular child, AP courses and electives offered, college admission statistics, sports and clubs offered, the geographic location of the school, financial aid support and requirements, etc. Our Head of School and Junior High English and Math teachers write individual personalized letters of recommendation for each graduate over winter break.

    In the fall, our Head of School holds mock interviews with each 8th grade student to prepare him or her for high school interviews. Then, after all the applications, recommendations, and transcripts are submitted to the various high schools involved, the Head of School and a team of BHS faculty and administrators call each high school admissions director about each BHS child who has applied to that high school. This gives us an opportunity to answer any questions that the receiving school may have about an applicant from Berkeley Hall and also to share anecdotes and other observations about each of our wonderful students.

    It is quite a focused, extensive, multiyear process, but the results are so gratifying to our graduates, their families, and to all of us at Berkeley Hall!
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  • Senior Send-Off for Class of 2011

    The Class of 2011 returned to their Alma Mater yesterday to celebrate each others' success and graduation from high school, and to reconnect with their Berkeley Hall roots. All were welcomed with open arms and a genuine sense of friendship. Many said it was as though no time had passed. The hugs and smiles told it all as they walked around campus visiting with past teachers and taking in the sites, which they observed, all looked much smaller to them. That makes sense since most had grown much taller since they left four years ago. It was so good to see those who were able to attend during their very busy senior year of high school. Some of the colleges or universities they’ll be attending are : Bennington College, Davidson College, University of Arizona, California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo, Loyola Marymount University, University of Colorado Boulder, University San Francisco, University of California Santa Cruz, Regis University, University of Southern California, and New York University.
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Located in Los Angeles, CA, Berkeley Hall School is a private, coeducational school for students in preschool through grade 8. Rigorous academics in a supportive atmosphere and grounded character development allow students to become fearless scholars and conscientious citizens - gain a love of learning, leadership with social responsibility, creativity with moral integrity, and self-esteem with compassion for others and the environment.