Bus Interest Form for 2019-20

Berkeley Hall partners with Mirman School to provide bus service with four different routes for our families. If you are interested in securing a seat for your child for one of these bus routes, please select the one that is the best option for your family and submit this form as soon as possible.

The round trip cost for the school year is estimated to be around $3,300-$3,500. The cost depends on ridership. A smaller bus ridership will cost more. Once routes are established for the 2019-2020 school year, we will email information about how to commit to bus service by signing a bus contract online.

Filling out this form just indicates your interest.

Questions? Email bus@berkeleyhall.org or call 310-476-6421.

Please note that only Kindergarten through 8th grade students are eligible to ride the bus. * indicates a required field
Which route interests you?
Mesmer and Major (AM on Santa Monica Route)
Centinela and Venice (AM on Santa Monica Route)
Sunset and Swarthmore (AM: MTA Stop at SE corner; PM: MTA Stop at US Bank/NW corner)
Sunset and Minorca (AM only)
Sunset and Napoli (PM only)
Bristol and Bristol Circle (AM: South side of Sunset, PM: North side of Sunset)
Westgate and Chaparal (AM only, Southwest corner)
Sunset and Saltair (PM only)
Sunset and Woodburn (PM only)
Bellagio and Moraga (Chevron Station)


Bronson and Franklin
June and 2nd (AM only)
Las Palmas and 2nd (PM only)
Elm and Gregory Way
Cheviot Hills Rec. Center (PM only)
Beverly Drive and Cannon
Comstock and Club View


We are in the planning stages for a bus starting in Studio City
and traveling down Ventura Boulevard through Sherman Oaks.
More information to follow.

Mesmer and Major (CVS Sidewalk – PM on Sunset Route)
Pico and Barrington (MTA Gas Station)
Pico and 26th (AM only)
Pico and 24th (PM only)
Pico and 21st (AM only)
Pico and 20th (PM only)
Pico and 14th (City Bus Stop)
San Vicente and 11th (AM only)
Carlyle and 11th (PM only)
Carlyle and 20th (PM only)
Carlyle and 24th (PM only)
San Vicente and Bristol (MTA Stop - AM only)
San Vicente and Anita (PM only)
San Vicente and Bundy

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