Shea Orth-Moore

Elementary Spanish Teacher
B.S., Spanish, Community and Justice Studies
Ms. Orth-Moore is what you call a Third Culture Kid (TCK), being raised in cultures other than her parents’ culture. In the case of she and her family, they have lived all over sub-Saharan Africa, including: Ghana, Ethiopia, and Kenya, and she considers many places her home. Her other home is in Buena Vista, CO where she works during the summers as the camp director for the youth camp, ages 7-13. She attended a Quaker college in North Carolina where she had two incredible study abroad experiences, one in Seville, Spain, and one in Chiapas, Mexico.  

Why do I love teaching? I love teaching because it is a daily, applicable, growth-filled way of making a difference in this world, for both student and teacher. I’ve always believed that kids have the biggest part in influencing change, and my teacher role models from my life have always taught the same. I have strived to be a change-maker my whole life, and being a teacher I am blessed with students who make a difference in my life daily, and who empower those around them to do the same.
Located in Los Angeles, CA, Berkeley Hall School is a private, coeducational school for students in preschool through grade 8. Rigorous academics in a supportive atmosphere and grounded character development allow students to become fearless scholars and conscientious citizens - gain a love of learning, leadership with social responsibility, creativity with moral integrity, and self-esteem with compassion for others and the environment.