Difference Makers Series: David Heredia

The Difference Makers Series introduces our community to people making a difference and addressing the pressing issues of our time. Our intention is to inspire our students, and all of us, to live lives of purpose, meaning, service, and accomplishment - to be Difference Makers. This year's DMS theme is Diversity, Equity, Inclusion. Our first DMS event of the year brought to our community an inspiring children's author and artist, David Heredia. He joined our community on Zoom to present separately to both a younger and an older audience of students and talk about his book, Little Heroes of Color. 
In this DMS event, Mr. Heredia shared his vibrant experiences and provided actionable tips for having conversations about race and combating racism. This DMS assembly included guessing games and word-scramble challenges, and an opportunity for K-3 students to win their own picture book, a copy of Little Heroes of Color. The winners of this game were:

  1. Josie and Cora S.
  2. Campbell P.
  3. Max D.
  4. Valentina L.
  5. Emily J.
  6. Trinity N.
  7. Hannah O.
  8. Kingston W.
  9. Leo M.

Book winners can arrange to pick up books at the Front Office by calling Mrs. Moniak at the front desk, X200, or wait until our next pick-up/drop-off day. 

David Heredia is an award-winning animator, author, and entrepreneur. His company Heroes of Color LLC has been featured in the New York Times, NPR, Spectrum News, and PBS Online. His long-term commitment to educating through art has led to the creation of his book Little Heroes of Color (Scholastic, 2019), and a series of virtual workshops celebrating trailblazers of color.
Here are resources for further contemplation and what was shared in the presentation:
Harlem Hellfighters
More videos on youtube:
  • What makes a hero?
  • What is something you can do to be a hero- or a difference maker?
  • What are ways our lives might be different without these difference makers?
  • How might your individual life be different without difference makers?
  • What can you do in some small way today to make a difference in the life/lives of those around you?
  • How do your personal/academic goals fit into making a difference?
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