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  • Ocelot - Luna K. (6th)

    Endangered Species Art Contest

    These artworks are headed to Washington, D.C. for the annual Endangered Species art contest. The contest is sponsored by the US Department of Fish and Game and a broad coalition of decision makers from around the country. Middle school students in the art elective chose an animal or plant to illustrate from the government's official endangered or threatened list. It was staggering to discover 1800 names on the list! Our BHS entries will join several thousand artworks from students around the country who are also passionate about saving these important members of the US environment. The judging will take place in March and April by famous wildlife artists who make their living highlighting the natural world.
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  • Hey now, you're an ALL-STAR!

    Boys' and Girls' PE classes explore rhythm and body movement through dance!  Students learn group dances such as the Cha Cha Slide and Cupid Shuffle, learn about choreography through Just Dance routines, and work together to create their own choreography for their group. This year, groups are choreographing to All Star by Smashmouth.  The students incorporated group moves, solos, and lots of props (think jump ropes and basketballs) to make their performance as exciting as possible!
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  • Challenge 8 Plan

    Robotics Elective: Challenges 6 & 8

    In Robotics class, students are given different challenges and asked to program their robots to complete the challenges.

    Challenge 6: In order to complete their code, students needed to plan out the sequencing of the instructions, and know when certain things need to happen. Our new whiteboard tables shine (pardon the pun) here at helping the students plan things out.

    Challenge 8: Students are required to create a game for the robot to play autonomously. They have to create a "gameboard" first by drafting one using our new whiteboard tables.
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