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  • The Shield Tradition Lives On!

    For more than 80 years, every graduating class at Berkeley Hall has created a shield to represent their year. The tradition began back in 1945, when Francesca Leland (Rowan) decided to make a gift for her Latin teacher, Miss Cutler. She made the shield in secret and presented it to her classmates and teacher at graduation. This cherished BHS tradition continues today and last Monday it was the turn of the Class of 2024 to present their shield and motto to the entire school community. The shield was created by the team in the elective class during a months’ long process. At the assembly, the students also shared a video that captured their experience of writing mottos, designing mini prototypes, working with tools in workshop, painting, and finishing the shield. Please enjoy the video created by their teacher Mr. Evan Lignier and the students along with photos from the assembly and the Shield Dance last month.
    Congratulations to the Shield team of 2024 and all the graduates-to-be in the eighth grade!
  • Bobcats Shine at BHS Track Meet

    The BHS Track Meet is one of our best-loved traditions, opening up our campus to other schools in our area for two days of friendly competition and camaraderie. The event happens at the end of the track and field unit in PE for grades 4-8 and is as popular among BHS students and parents, as it is for our visitors. On Thursday, for the JH event we welcomed athletes from Buckley, Chime, Mirman, Country, and Woodcrest while on Friday, students from Mirman, Delphi, Woodcrest and Los Encinos participated in the Intermediate division. Friday's meet was one of our biggest yet with over 200 students involved. Coach Myers noted that additional schools have asked to join the meet and next year we look forward to hosting another 100 JH students.
    “This year in junior high, BHS had a top 3 finisher in nearly every event,” says Coach Myers who noted in that Chime had stellar athletes in that division and dominated the boys competition. 
    While our Bobcats tried hard, and brought home some exciting wins, the greatest take-away from the event was the sportsmanship and team spirit that was evident everywhere on the field. One of those heart-warming moments was Mr. Evan Lignier watching 8th grader David H. come within .1 seconds of breaking his 15-year record in the 100 m. race. Mr. Lignier was at the finish line supporting David who won the event, but came just short of breaking the school record.
    A massive thank-you goes out to everyone who helped make this a stand-out event, especially the parents who volunteered at the snack shack and field events. The meet would not be possible without your help and support.
    Go, Bobcats!
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  • Electives Put on a Great Show

    On Friday, March 1st, we hosted our first ever BHS Electives Showcase in Hodges Theater. The event drew curious parents and students in grades 4 and up who came to see our middle schoolers share their learning – and enthusiasm – for their electives’ classes. The showcase started with a screening of movie trailers by students, followed by a performance by the Mock Trial team. Guests then visited stations and experienced impressive projects on display by the Robotics, Sculpture Workshop, Fiber Arts, Shield, and the Drama classes and then stepped outside for a demonstration by the Coaching elective.
    Here’s Ava K. talking about her experience in the Fiber Arts elective:
    "We do crochet on our first week, then move on to embroidery and knitting. We made all kinds of cute art projects and worked very hard on them and we are all very proud of our work. Somebody knitted a basketball court with little players. A lot of students made crochet projects, too. I made a water lily that I embroidered that I think worked out well. I had to learn different kinds of stitching and it was the first time for me so it was a bit hard. But I did end up learning a lot. This is a wonderful elective to improve your creativity and I really enjoyed it."

    We look forward to another opportunity to see the student's work at the next Electives Showcase in May.
  • Thank You BHS Peer Tutors!

    Over the last three months, afternoons in the library have been filled with students of all ages working together on math and language arts, engaged in the BHS peer tutoring program. Twenty-five junior high students volunteered this year to offer extra support after school to thirty students from 1st to 7th grade, and on any given day the library was filled with the sounds of productivity and progress as part of this wonderful community program. "I liked connecting with people", said Ella S., a veteran peer tutor. "Helping people makes me happy", added Brady W., an exceptional 8th grade student himself. "Tutoring younger kids and just to see the smile on their faces was the highlight of my day!", said 8th grade Ali R, another veteran peer tutor. "I liked the opportunity to share my ideas", said Kyle S., an advanced 8th grade math student. "I like being a good example for younger students", said Winston K., a new peer tutor this year, who tutored both math and writing. The program ended this week, and tutors were honored with a pizza lunch for a job well done! They will be recognized again at the year-end recognition awards assembly on June 3rd.
  • SoFi Stadium Soccer Match

    Here's a report from Coach Myers about our Bobcats at a soccer match at one of LA's top sports venues:

    "This past Sunday, the boys JH soccer team had the opportunity to play soccer at Sofi Stadium! Kadima, another school in the San Fernando Valley Private School League sent a late invite to our Bobcats offering to host an 11 v 11 game on the field. This was the first time Berkeley Hall has participated in a game like this and a great chance for the boys to get a scrimmage against the team they will be playing in the first round of the playoffs later in February. The students and families had the opportunity to go onto the field and explore the stadium as there were basketball and volleyball courts set up on the other half of the field. Berkeley Hall started the game strong with multiple chances created with passes over the top, but were unable to convert any into goals. Kadima then finished the half with a goal after the first shot was initially saved and went on to finish the game at 1-0. This was the first scrimmage for the Bobcats in SoFi and hopefully not the last! Thanks to all the families and students who attended the game."

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